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This page outlines features of final projects in Dreamweaver and JavaScript.

Dreamweaver Final Project
  • Created site definition
  • Set page properties
  • Selected colors, fonts, graphics and layout (used prebuilt liquid one column page with header  and footer)
  • Created multiple pages (About, Contact, Movie, Course pages)
  • Typed text into pages
  • Copied text in from other sources (college catalog)
  • Checked spelling on home page
  • Created CSS styles
  • Moved styles to external stylesheet
  • Added navigation with links to other pages
  • Created footer with copyright information
  • Added AP div for  butterfly graphic
  • Butterfly graphic in AP div has rollover behavior and links to final project (Movie page)
  • Used tables for links to course information pages and for contact form
  • Added validation behaviors to contact form
  • Made image map out of logo graphic with butterfly linking to home page and RenLu’s logo linking to about page
  • Used onmouseover  behavior on textbook graphics to display brief course description in table
  • Added keyword and description content to head content of all pages
  • Added Spry shake effect to butterfly graphic in AP div
  • Added Spry accordion widget to About page to display information about Dreamweaver project vs. JavaScript project
  • Added alternate stylesheet for print media
JavaScript Final Project
  • Simple animation using case logic to alternate images displayed in table.
  • Greeting message dynamically created substituting morning, afternoon or evening depending on time of day.
  • Used cookies to save Last Visit Date and Time and Number of Visits to Web site.
  • Added button to Movies page to link to other movie pages.  There are no navigation links.
  • Top Ten Movies page uses butterfly animation from book using CSS positioning
  • Top Ten Movies page uses buttons to display information about each movie in a separate window with onfocus.
  • Separate windows displaying movie information use onmouseover and onmouseout to display text in different color.
  • Movies Guessing Game page uses radio buttons to allow user to pick a movie to play the guessing game with (arrays and string manipulation).
  • Movies Voting page allows contact information to be entered and uses radio buttons for user to vote on favorite movie.
  • A regular expression is used to validate the email address on this form and functions are used to insure entry of alphanumerics in alphanumeric fields and numerics in numeric fields.
  • All of the above features are done with JavaScript functions that use loops and decisions where necessary.  The pages use a layout created in Dreamweaver and are stripped of everything except the header and footer.  Everything else was entered in code view as XHTML and JavaScript with no help from Dreamweaver.