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CIS2211 Web Site Design Tools

Dreamweaver Textbook NextBest Fest NextBest Fest Web Site
Cowboy Charlie Cowboy Charlie Web Site
Tutorial 1 Getting Started with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
Tutorial 2 Planning and Designing a Successful Web Site
Tutorial 3 Adding and Formatting Text
Tutorial 4 Using CSS for Page Layout
Tutorial 5 Working with Graphics and Tables
Tutorial 6 Creating Reusable Assets and Forms
Tutorial 7 Adding Behaviors and Rich Media
Tutorial 8 Creating Spry Elements and Alternate Style Sheets
Tutorial 9 Adding Database Functionality
Final Project RenLu's Classic Movie Picks
CIS 2211 Web Site Design Tools This course teaches an understanding of how to create and manage impressive Web sites using the sizable amounts of new
technology available on the web. Students will learn to create web sites using various web tools, and various multimedia and CSS standards.
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