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CIS2261 JavaScript Fundamentals

JavaScript Textbook Chapter 1 Introduction to JavaScript
Chapter 2 Working with Functions, Data Types and Operators
Chapter 3 Building Arrays and Control Structures
Chapter 4 Manipulating the Browser Object Model
Chapter 5 Validating Form Data with JavaScript
Chapter 6 Using Object-Oriented JavaScript
Chapter 7 Manipulating Data in Strings and Arrays
Chapter 8 Debugging and Error Handling
Chapter 9 Managing State Information and Security
Midterm Add Integers
Final Project RenLu's Classic Movie Picks
CIS 2261 JavaScript Fundamentals Topics include: introduction to JavaScript, working with variables and data, functions,
methods, and events, developing interactive forms, controlling program flow, JavaScript object model, JavaScript Language objects, cookies and JavaScript security, controlling frames in JavaScript, client-side JavaScript, and custom JavaScript options.
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