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CIS2281 Database Connectivity

PHP Textbook Large Chapter 1 Getting Started with PHP
Chapter 2 Functions and Control Structures
Chapter 3 Manipulating Strings
Chapter 4 Handling User Input
Chapter 5 Working with Files and Directories
Chapter 6 Manipulating Arrays
Chapter 7 Working with Databases and MySQL
Chapter 8 Manipulating MySQL Databases with PHP
Chapter 9 Managing State Information
Chapter 10 Developing Object-Oriented PHP
Midterm Midterm
Final Project Chinese Zodiac
Final Exam Final Exam
CIS 2281 Database Connectivity

Database Connectivity teaches students how to manipulate data in a database using the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) model. Students will learn to retrieve, update, and display database information with a web application. Database access may be accomplished using a web programming language (such as ColdFusion, PHP, Microsoft VB, Microsoft C#, or Sun Java).

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